venerdì 27 giugno 2008

Literature at the Foot of the Volcano

All of us, everywhere, really live on the slopes of an active volcano. Perhaps the Middle Eastern volcano is more active than that of Europe, but every human being, in every place and in every era, lives close by despair, fear, and catastrophe. Loneliness, disappointment, failure, alienation, accident, disease, age, decline, and death always lie in wait, for each and every one of us, just beyond the walls of our homes.

Despite this, the volcano does not control our lives, and we cannot allow it to do so. Our nights are always full - and it is best for them always to be full - of longings, ambitions, all kinds of plans and calculations, small hopes and small disappointments, preparations for the next day, secret passions, and infinite anxiety about those we love. Each and every night we dream our ridiculous, confused and poignant dreams. And it is these matters that have been, are, and will continue to be the business of the literature of the human comedy.


è leggendo questo post che mi sono imbattuta in questo testo. volendolo leggere in lingua originale e ad alta voce, non l'ho ancora finito. la premessa però mi pare strepitosa.

grazie, annalisa.

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